A simple educational software which represents record cards.

Version 0.1 beta


For the jar distribution you should at least have Java 8 installed.


Once downloaded, simply extract the files to any location. Depending on the distribution you've downloaded Follow the instructions below.

deb distribution

On current versions of Debian and Ubuntu simply double click the deb file. On older versions type sudo dpkg -i recordcards-1.0.deb.

rpm distribution

I don't use these systems, but at least you can type rpm -i recordcards-1.0-1.x86_64.rpm to install the app.

Linux distribution

Simply execute the recordcards binary.

Windows distribution

Double click the recordcards.exe file.

jar distribution

If you have installed Java 8, in most cases you can double click the jar file. If not, open the terminal and type java -jar RecordCards.jar.


One of the main objectives in developing this app was that you can access all the functionalities very fast via shortcuts. Therefore I will provide you an overview of the available shortcuts:


Action Shortcut
Flip a record card Tab
Next record card Right arrow
Previous record card Left Arrow
Open a record cards file Ctrl + O
Save record cards Ctrl + S
Save record cards as ... Ctrl + Shift + S

Record card related

Action Shortcut
Create a new record card Ctrl + N
Edit the current record card Ctrl + E
Delete the current record card Del
Save the created/edited record card Ctrl + Enter
Cancel creating/editing a record card Escape


Platform Link
Debian, Ubuntu Download deb
RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE Download rpm
Other Linux systems Download binary
Windows Download exe
Platform independent Download jar


If you have any problems with running the app, don't hesitate to contact me via E-Mail: kontakt [at] lwerner [dot] de